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  • April 24, 2019

Save your Money and Remain Financially Fit for years

Save your Money and Remain Financially Fit for years

Save your Money and Remain Financially Fit for years 1024 574 Quickbookstechies

Planning to save a dollar? What if you get to save dollars?

Earlier in childhood, smart kids used to hide their money so that they could use it in the future either in an emergency or casually. This turned out to be their biggest saving if watched after a long time.

In recent times, Quicken is doing something similar. If you are using the software, you might be familiar with saving goals feature. It hides your money in a secret account where you cannot see it. Our Quicken technical support team offer services guide our customers if they find themselves struggling anywhere in the software.

Knowledge for Beginners: When you create a saving goals account, you have to contribute a part of your income to that account which certainly gets deducted from your account. When you could not see your money, you will definitely not spend it.

This particular technique can not just save you dollars but can keep you financially fit even others are going through a crisis. You can meet your goals when others are just managing their expenses.

There are some users who find it difficult to manage their savings in Quicken. For them, there is 24×7 Quicken online support. Our tech team can be contacted at our Quicken customer service number.


Savings alert for Quicken users!

If you are planning your savings with Quicken, choose the goal actions tab and hit the new savings goal tab in the drop down section.

Select your goal’s name and date under which you wish your goal to be. This date will be the one by which you want to save. For example, you are planning to save for your daughter’s marriage which is on 28th December. So your goal name could be ‘Sarah’s marriage’ and date will be 28th December.

This cannot be similar to your account’s name in Quicken.

If you face any problem while doing this, you can contact our Quicken support by calling the Quicken customer support phone number and someone from our team will guide you through the process.


You can choose the amount you want to add. Quicken software suggests you the amount that you can add but after all, it’s definitely your call.

From all your saved accounts, choose the one you wish the money to flow to your secret savings account. Choose the amount you wish to add and hit save.

Once you are regular to add money to your savings goal account, you can also check your reports of how much did you manage to make till date. This can be found in Savings goal transaction < Register and Reports.


When you are contributing a part of your income for your goal, you must make sure to your sticking to them.

You can also choose to put all the secret money back to your account and delete the savings goal account but that would not save you the money you expected.