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New Updates and Features Alert! QuickBooks Online in June 2019

New Updates and Features Alert! QuickBooks Online in June 2019 800 450 Quickbookstechies

New Updates and Features Alert! QuickBooks Online in June 2019

To talk of transformations, let us talk about the newest updates and features of QuickBooks Online. What else is up with a transformation?

Well, that is your business.

That said Intuit has made June, the month of transformation that will help you grow your business as well. To make your tax journey more fruitful and streamline your business workflow, the software has come up with the new and updated features in 2019. If you wish to get the information regarding the new updates, you can contact our experts at our QuickBooks Online support number.

New June Updates 2019: Receipt Capture

Saving your time, this new update will also facilitate the tax time for you. Some individuals believe that tax season is the time when you have all your receipts crinkled up. That is what the new update is going to change.

Now, you would be a snap away to make a record of all your receipts. Whatever receipt you snap-up, it will be saved in your QuickBooks account and will be organized automatically when you need them for the upcoming tax season.

Looking forward to knowing how you can work upon it?

Reach QuickBooks Online support or read further.

The Process

First of all, you have to add the snaps to your QuickBooks Online account with the below process:

  1. Snap the receipt and add it to your account directly.
  2. Upload, drag, and drop.
  3. Forward it through an email.

If you are planning to do the same through an email and doesn’t have one, follow the below:

Register your favorite email by hitting the banking tab. You can always rely on QuickBooks Online support to get all the answers to your questions.

Even if you upload all the snaps in a different way from the other, it will go to the same place and will be organized.

Receipts > Banking

When you add them with whatever way you choose, it will be categorized in the place where you all your receipts. They will themselves be matched with the similar transactions you want. You do not have to do that manually, it will be updated automatically without a single piece of hustle.

Track Details in Contractor Payments

When you are into your small business, it is always said that baby steps lead to a bigger destiny. The updated Contractor payments will allow you to not just pay the contractors but you can also track all the details in one step.

The Process

To speak of how it processes, it is simpler than ever before. Contractor payments will work the same way as before.

When you would enter the payment details, a drop-down with all the traceable information will pop up so that you are able to track the necessary information like class, location, and project.

When you pay, you will be able to see all the traceable details so you never have to watch through the expenses after much later after the duration.

If you find it tricky, you can always count upon our QuickBooks Online support number and all the necessary information is right in front.