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  • May 2, 2019

QuickBooks Introduces Next Day Accelerated Payments for SMBs

QuickBooks Introduces Next Day Accelerated Payments for SMBs

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Accepting payments in just a day now is easier than ever.

Gone were the times when it used to take days getting payments from the client. QuickBooks recently launched ACH Payments for small businesses to embrace next-day payments. Well, that’s startling and portentous as well.

A well-known source from QuickBooks gave a word of a statement. He says that there will now be the most powerful suite of payments that would offer next-day payments faster and at affordable rates. This is sure to ameliorate the business cash flows.

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The current state of payments in small businesses is something that is not better for a good long time. The state of small business payment is a global issue. The business cash flows are facing challenges that seem difficult to be met. It would not be wrong to say that SMBs are meeting impossible challenges when it comes to the role of payments. The cash flow health is deteriorating from years down below is a quick stats by Intuit, QuickBooks:

  • 44% of SMBs have reported that they are having it as the greatest impediment to receive payments as the clients are not paying on time.
  • The report says that the mode of payment businesses receive depends on the size of the payment. Almost 60% of the customers prefer to pay via check when they are to pay a larger amount.
  • One-third of the US population has an amount larger than $20, 000 in their company’s Accounts Receivables and an average of them has more than $50, 000 as their Outstanding Receivables.
  • Half of the US population is still calculating their payments in an Excel sheet and awaiting them from long. It takes more than a month to pull out money from their customers’ bank account.
  • Businesses reported that when they planned to hop on to the electronic payments, they found out that the fee is higher than their expectations. This became another reason for them not to switch to electronic payment gateways.

The above statistics report clearly shows the current state of business cash flows. It is now evident that there is a need for something better than what is going on right now. There needs to be a better way to accept QuickBooks payments that reach the bank account in no time.



You are an Interior designer and at your business, you take up 50% of the payment initially and the rest 50% after completion of the project. Now, with next day ACH payments, what you get is, when you take a project and request for the initial payment, it will reach your account the succeeding business day (counting from the time your client sends you the money). The faster the payment, the faster the work would be.

The launch of ACH payments may not be something new to the users but the next day ACH is definitely a game-changer for businesses. With its advent, the SMBs that used to invoice their customers with QuickBooks Payments have chances of getting the payment 2x faster than before. Further, it will give them transparency of the payments imbuing confidence in the merchants of getting next-day transfers in their bank accounts. To add a little, the users are now happier because even if they don’t know how to use this feature, they have the QuickBooks Payments support to get rid of any irks.

QuickBooks is one of the most prominent accounting software and is known for solving business troubles for all. Added with this new feature, it overpowers the other software surviving in the market. This software is the major talk of the town, most importantly because it never let the customers wait. Their QuickBooks technical support phone number is always available whenever they need quick support.


The advancing of the ACH Payments is making businesses scaling the heights they desire by giving them the freedom to accept payments faster and affordable. QuickBooks always stands out when it comes to introducing anything that would make it better for the users and help them in their business.

And, once again QuickBooks has won hearts of the users by allowing businesses to accept payments sooner and faster. QuickBooks Payments is one of the most outstanding features of the world’s renowned accounting software when it has to do with vendor payments and accounts receivables. QuickBooks is helping numerous clients day and night with its extraordinary accounting services. Anytime the users feel trapped, they speak to our well-versed tech experts at QuickBooks technical support phone number.