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How QuickBooks 2019 is different from Quicken 2019?

How QuickBooks 2019 is different from Quicken 2019? 800 450 Quickbookstechies

How QuickBooks 2019 is different from Quicken 2019?

Gone were the days when people used to indulge in the paperwork practices for accounting operations. With the advent of accounting software, users are opting for selective software options. Since there are massive options available, it could be confusing to decide the best one.

Added to this confusion, there are many who believe all such applications are the same. But well, there is more to it.

Why this confusion?

Both ‘Quick’Books and ‘Quick’en were initially the same when they were introduced by Intuit. They are the most commonly used accounting and financial management software. More than 20 million users are alone in the US to work at ease with this software.

Quicken grabbed the audience much before QuickBooks did but are identical in the nature of their operations. This made the users create confusion considering the two as separate.

What is Quicken?

Came into existence in the year 1983, Quicken is a financial management software that handles a variety of areas like rental property, handle invoices, and allows the users to create custom invoices. However, it was not the ultimate solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

It was later in the year 2016 when Intuit sold it to H.I.G. Capital. With a variety of versions available like Quicken for Mac, Quicken Essentials and others, the Delux version is most popular. Quicken support number was also easily available to the users.

What is QuickBooks?

More than a decade went by when QuickBooks took birth in the year 1998. Catering to the accounting troubles that Quicken didn’t serve, QuickBooks helped the SMBs with all the complicated accounting tasks.

With various versions available, QuickBooks Pro, Enterprise and the Premier packs are amongst the most preferred. Serving all the unaddressed accounting problems faced by the users, QuickBooks gained popularity by offering cloud-based accounting. QuickBooks Online became the most favorite due to its extensive features offered by none.

Unlike Quicken, QuickBooks Online version solved many business problems by offering anytime and anywhere access. QuickBooks help is easily available for the users as well. If you are using the online version for QuickBooks and face trouble anytime, do not miss to contact QuickBooks online support.

Quicken or QuickBooks, who is popular?

Well, we have our answers here. Though Quicken was the first to offer financial management services, QB added more to it and gained much popularity.

QuickBooks eventually streamlined the entire complex accounting operations. Adding up to Quicken, QB comes with a variety of features like tracking inventory, customized invoices, payroll management, and advanced reporting.

Around 90% of the accounting business market in the states relies on QuickBooks for their financial and payroll management. If you are planning to switch to QuickBooks get quick and instant support by contacting our QuickBooks support phone number.

Quick Comparison

Parameters Quicken QuickBooks
Owned by H.I.G. Capital Intuit Inc.
OS supported Quicken for Mac
Quicken for Windows
QuickBooks for Mac

QuickBooks for Windows

Purpose catered Personal financial management Accounting Operations for Small and Mid-sized businesses
Cloud back-up No Yes
Payroll Management No Yes
Invoice and Tax No Yes


So, what do you think?

Are QuickBooks and Quicken on the same page?

The answer is no.

Both are different in terms of separate operations and serving a variety of different features. Businesses that do not require payroll management can rely on Quicken and the ones looking for extensive features can opt for QuickBooks.

QuickBooks is a viable option for those who are looking to prepare customized invoices including various other features like preparing taxes, payroll management, and manage finances.

If you are using QuickBooks and seeing troubles while using, wait no more and dial our QuickBooks technical support phone number. For those using Quicken, can reach our Quicken customer support for any help with using it.


Thus, reading the above piece it is clear that Quicken and QuickBooks are both have different functioning. So, decide wisely while you choose the one for yourself or your business.

While you do the business management we make sure that you stuck anywhere while growing it. That said, when you select the best accounting software for your business, we offer the best support for your software. Contact our Quicken support phone number or our QuickBooks customer service if you face any hitch.