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QuickBooks Desktop 2019 or QuickBooks Online, what’s your Choice? 1024 574 Quickbookstechies

QuickBooks Desktop 2019 or QuickBooks Online, what’s your Choice?

QuickBooks Desktop 2019 or QuickBooks Online, what’s your Choice?

What is your hit, installation or no installation?

Any software that asks you to get in the installation process is not everyone’s cup of tea.

But if talking about the features, the QuickBooks desktop software might win the race. QuickBooks Online does not have the features that the desktop version has but it has been preferred more by the existing and new users.


Small businesses are using more of QuickBooks desktop software than the online version due to its benefits.

People tend to choose software that is well-known and used. They do not have a tendency to explore more options and find out what’s best for them.

But of course, it is important for every business that they must know of the exact difference between QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks online.


There are some specific circumstances to which any of these are requisite. Here’s who should use QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Businesses at a fix location.
  • Small businesses where fewer people need access.
  • Businesses that do not wish to have recurring charges every month.
  • The ones that do not want their books online.
  • Businesses that want multiple customized features.

Read further who should opt for QuickBooks Online:

  • Where people need remote access to books.
  • Businesses where there are more people who need access.
  • For ones who are at ease with the monthly charges and the features that come with it.
  • Those looking for cloud accounting and store their data online.
  • Businesses that are looking forward to automated accounting.

Both versions have their own strengths and come with their weaknesses. We are the ones to decide where to go. QuickBooks support has solved various problems for the users and our experts are available for you. You can contact them at our QuickBooks customer care number.


Intuit itself has given more importance on the online version of QuickBooks because of it getting faster than before and making businesses better. But your requirements are the priority. Intuit or any third party cannot decide for you if QuickBooks online or desktop is the one for you.

To discover the truth you need to run a fact race and find out what works out the best for you. Here is a quick difference between the desktop and the online version of QuickBooks:

  • No installation hustle
  • Monthly fees
  • Needs internet connection
  • It can be connected to any system
  • Installation process
  • One time fees
  • Needs no internet
  • It will be accessed from one system
  • If this is not enough for you to decide, read below why you should choose one of them.


When you are dealing with complex tracking of your products, you must go for the industry-specific premier version of QuickBooks desktop. It will help you ease the complex maintenance of your inventory. It comes with a customized chart of accounts, list for your products and services including all your contractors, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, and all that you need to manage your business complications.

Are you stuck with below intricacies?

Consider this:

  • Industry-specific: The desktop version offers industry-specific features for various categories of businesses like one from these: Wholesale, Contracting, Manufacturing, Retailing, Professional services, and Not-for-profit businesses.
  • Multiple tracking options for inventory: QuickBooks desktop allows two options for inventory i.e., the FIFA method (First In First Out) or the average cost method. Note that, it is available when you purchase the Advanced Inventory add-on feature.
  • Batch-invoice: This feature allows you to create invoices for multiple clients simultaneously with similar amounts and services/products.

Are you someone who is hustling with complex inventory entries and do not know a way out?

Reach us out at QuickBooks tech support number and get all your problems sorted.


When you are easy with your entries and does not require any complex inventory manager, QuickBooks online will work easily for you. Most specifically, if you are dealing with any sort of services, QuickBooks online is the one.

In case you are still confused with which one to go for, rely on our QuickBooks customer support helpline number.

It is also a great option for companies that tend to access multiple systems for multiple users with access to the online system.

If you are looking for a better go-ahead, find below the features that QuickBooks online will surely please you with:

  • Automatic updates: Even if there are multiple users in the system, QuickBooks online will be updated automatically without troubling you with regular notifications to update your software.
  • Give access to anyone from anywhere: If you are the only one with the access and want to create more users, you can do that with your system anywhere by creating user ids and passwords for the people you want to share access with. Didn’t really get it how? Call us at QuickBooks support phone number.
  • Do it on phone, pc or mac: If you are not using your pc, you can do it on your phone. Wherever you are, you can access your expenses from anywhere and on any device.


Choosing QuickBooks online or QuickBooks desktop is not limited to its features or disadvantages. It is all a matter of requirements. As a business, everyone has different needs and to fulfill them, the two have been brought to the business.

If you are having trouble thinking about the two and landing on to a conclusion, you can always connect to our QuickBooks support at the QuickBooks technical support in US and someone from the team will definitely assist you.

Hurry! File Tax with TurboTax Software 2019? 1024 574 Quickbookstechies

Hurry! File Tax with TurboTax Software 2019?

Hurry! File Tax with TurboTax Software 2019?

Have you filed your tax or still looking out for options for how to do that?

Well, if you are still waiting for your CPA, it’s time to do-it-yourself. Your nail-biting wait must be relaxed now it’s time that you hurry up and get the latest TurboTax software now.

If you are wondering why you should trust TurboTax and have no idea about the software, it’s your time my friend. We are with you till the end.


It is the most sorted software for the individuals and businesses that are planning to start with accounting and bookkeeping through software.

I always recommend TurboTax software to the beginners and even the intermediates because it is not only popular but easy to use. Needless to say, it is a user-friendly tax support software.

  • Josh Lauren, CPA Advisor in Seattle

You do not need to worry even if you have never worked on the tax preparation or file taxes. You can use it with great ease; you can file your income tax returns without any hustle.

If you file for your tax NOW, there are chances that you might get your refund on time. But make sure that you are not late than 15th April 2019 in order to avoid penalties.

You can also reach our TurboTax customer support number if you are ready to get the software and need TurboTax support.

With the major changes in the tax code (effective from 1st January 2019), you might love using the Turbo Tax software because it has the feature that you are looking for. Even if you didn’t know about the changes you need not worry because if you are going to use TurboTax, it will already be incorporated in your software.


TurboTax navigation is something that has made it easier to use. It keeps you from getting into any other thoughts about filing your tax and any other activity in the software. Even if you feel stuck at any point, the built-in definitions are there to make the further process easy for you.

Does your CPA ask you for the W-2 form photo for the process?

Well, this software does that. It imports your W-2 form with just a photo upload and you can upload all the other documents without any rocket science. Connecting you to your desired banks and other institutions, you can easily attach 1099-DIV and INT forms.

It categorizes the process by cutting it down into sections. This includes general information, income, tax filing status, credits, and deductibles. The software also allows you to save your tax information and print your required documents.

It is simple, you get the confirmation of your tax filing and you’re done. Tax acceptance might take an hour or two days. Sit back and relax. You can also check your refund status with the “Where’s my refund” feature in the software. There are numerous myths regarding filing tax with TurboTax, one of them is that the IRS doesn’t accept e-filing. You need to get rid of myths like this.

If you face any trouble while following the process, reach our tech ninjas at TurboTax customer service and they will be happy to give you instant TurboTax support.



While filing the tax with TurboTax, had it ever been the case that you made an error and your CPA paid the penalty from his pockets?

If your answer is no, you must be happy to know this. If there is an error while filing tax with the software, TurboTax takes on the interest and penalties on it. Though, it happens once in a blue moon because TurboTax reports 100% accuracy.


If you are worried about your friends or any family member who is unable to file their tax due to any xyz reason, rest your troubles. TurboTax allows you to file tax for five members for state taxes for separate individuals or businesses.


Are you using QuickBooks software?

If you are using QuickBooks interface you can easily import your data from QuickBooks to TurboTax. Collecting your documents and filing your tax is easy with both of the software.

You can reach our QuickBooks support or TurboTax support for all your hustle.

How to Maximize your Savings on Investments with Quicken? 1024 574 Quickbookstechies

How to Maximize your Savings on Investments with Quicken?

How to Maximize your Savings on Investments with Quicken?

Are you obsessed with savings?

We have great news and amazing tips on how to maximize your savings on your income. Read this fruitful information below and get a perfect idea.

You need to be well-planned in order to create that perfect savings base to achieve your goals. Whether you are an employee at a company or self-employed, you must save on your investments the way you want.

Need a larger home?

Wish to buy the latest luxury car?

These wishes come to life when we have a clear road map i.e. our financial planning map. If you are driving on this road as a beginner, you must know certain rules and regulations for kickass savings. Here’s how you can maximize your earnings with savings that you probably didn’t know about.


Do you know that your company gives a great option to save on your income?

Yes, that is 401K. It is the smartest plan because individuals usually postpone paying taxes on the contributions that they made. This gets them a bigger paycheck added that they save more. If you fall under the 25% tax slab and you are contributing $300 per month, you will see only $50 drop in your paycheck.

If you are scratching your head, contact the Quicken support, we will surely give you a nice plan or help you with one. For this, you need to get our Quicken customer support phone number.

If you match your employer’s share, you are surely pleasured. You are getting the exact 50% of your income hitting back to your account.


Have you been adding any money regularly in your Roth IRA account?

Well, if you say yes, that money is tax-free. Sounds amazing?

Sure, it would be. You do not owe a penny to anyone if you withdraw this amount any day. If you are putting a particular amount of your savings like $8000 every year till the time you retire, you will be able to make 8% on your investment annually.


It is hard though, but this can give you a perfect shot of savings that you are looking for. It is neither that easy to beat the market’s return. Most probably you cannot beat them, so why not join them?

Invest in exchange-traded and dirty-cheap index funds; this could be an inexpensive way to get more savings on your income.

If you are having doubts with this plan, you can speak to the Quicken customer support service and get help with your problems.

Quicken software helps you manage all your finances and gives you the freedom to save more than you expected.


Have you subscribed to the full-service package of broker services?

There is nothing to worry, you can still unsubscribe to it. With every trade, they charge you highly-priced commissions that might go up to $150. There might be the case that you get to trade for free but they charge you an amount of commission on the assets. So, as per this service, if you are getting around $60,000 in an account you might be charged about $800 as a fee.


You are saved now.

With a discount broker, you are likely to save more on your trade transactions. Each transaction would cost you around $20-30. This way you will save dollars more than you were saving before.

If you are facing any error while managing all your transactions in your Quicken software, you can anytime rely on their Quicken customer support services and get instant Quicken support.

An Ultimate Guide to Compare between QuickBooks Pro vs. QuickBooks Premier 2019 1024 574 Quickbookstechies

An Ultimate Guide to Compare between QuickBooks Pro vs. QuickBooks Premier 2019

An Ultimate Guide to Compare between QuickBooks Pro vs. QuickBooks Premier 2019

Have you been using QuickBooks lately?

Countless businesses have been using QuickBooks from years to simplify their business. Needless to say, it is the most popular software used by more than 20 million in the states alone. All have their own choice version that suits the best to their business.

If you are someone looking forward to using the software soon but still struggling to know which one to choose from, this article is definitely for you.

We all have individual choices depending on our businesses but if you are using QuickBooks self-employed being a contractor then you may not get the benefits you deserve. It’s important for you to know the difference between the most used QuickBooks Pro 2019 and QuickBooks Premier 2019.

Ask yourself a quick question!

Is your annual revenue of less than $1 million?

If yes, read more about QB Pro 2019.


It helps you simplify your accounting and bookkeeping including customer management.

Catering all your modern business needs, QB Pro has been designed to suit the businesses with revenue less than $1 million.

Here are a few salient features of this software which will surely give your business a quick escalator to growth this year.

  • Considers a maximum of three users
  • Allows you to manage accounts receivable and payable
  • Helps you create invoices, estimates, and purchase orders
  • Helps you manage inventory, sales tax, and multiple currencies
  • Gets you 100 plus financial reports

If you are looking for help with QuickBooks Pro 2019, waste no more time and simply contact our QuickBooks Pro customer support.

If your answer to the former question is no, consider QuickBooks Premier 2019.


There are many who find it innate to use and it is moreover straightforward than other accounting software. Users are more inclined to the ease of using the software like creating and sending out invoices. But, on the other hand, they seem to be a little off the track when they talked about learning it how to use. They also gave importance to the fact that the desktop versions of QuickBooks are antiquated after three or more years of their use.

They never brought out the statement of getting depressed with the errors because the users always found themselves around our experts at QuickBooks technical support number.


Catering to the industry-specific like retail, wholesaler and contractors’ business needs, QuickBooks Premier 2019, offers a pack of features.

  • Helps you to track multiple units
  • Allows you to create price levels and the sales order
  • Helps you to run your balance sheet report via location and department
  • Business planning and forecasting
  • Helps you to view and print your bank reconciliation statement
  • Allows you to create more than 150 reports

If you are looking for some specific needs, do not miss to read the differences between QB Pro and QB Premier 2019. For QuickBooks Premier Customer support, do not hesitate to call our QuickBooks support phone number.


The software is recognized for helping millions of struggles for managing finances. It is also known for creating thorough cost estimates for the users’ projects. It is a learning curve when understanding the working of QuickBooks Premier because it sometimes goes off the beat and becomes a little tricky to get on with it.

This comes up with the automated back-up. But you can rest all your worries because experts are always available at QuickBooks customer support number.

How QuickBooks 2019 is different from Quicken 2019? 800 450 Quickbookstechies

How QuickBooks 2019 is different from Quicken 2019?

How QuickBooks 2019 is different from Quicken 2019?

Gone were the days when people used to indulge in the paperwork practices for accounting operations. With the advent of accounting software, users are opting for selective software options. Since there are massive options available, it could be confusing to decide the best one.

Added to this confusion, there are many who believe all such applications are the same. But well, there is more to it.

Why this confusion?

Both ‘Quick’Books and ‘Quick’en were initially the same when they were introduced by Intuit. They are the most commonly used accounting and financial management software. More than 20 million users are alone in the US to work at ease with this software.

Quicken grabbed the audience much before QuickBooks did but are identical in the nature of their operations. This made the users create confusion considering the two as separate.

What is Quicken?

Came into existence in the year 1983, Quicken is a financial management software that handles a variety of areas like rental property, handle invoices, and allows the users to create custom invoices. However, it was not the ultimate solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

It was later in the year 2016 when Intuit sold it to H.I.G. Capital. With a variety of versions available like Quicken for Mac, Quicken Essentials and others, the Delux version is most popular. Quicken support number was also easily available to the users.

What is QuickBooks?

More than a decade went by when QuickBooks took birth in the year 1998. Catering to the accounting troubles that Quicken didn’t serve, QuickBooks helped the SMBs with all the complicated accounting tasks.

With various versions available, QuickBooks Pro, Enterprise and the Premier packs are amongst the most preferred. Serving all the unaddressed accounting problems faced by the users, QuickBooks gained popularity by offering cloud-based accounting. QuickBooks Online became the most favorite due to its extensive features offered by none.

Unlike Quicken, QuickBooks Online version solved many business problems by offering anytime and anywhere access. QuickBooks help is easily available for the users as well. If you are using the online version for QuickBooks and face trouble anytime, do not miss to contact QuickBooks online support.

Quicken or QuickBooks, who is popular?

Well, we have our answers here. Though Quicken was the first to offer financial management services, QB added more to it and gained much popularity.

QuickBooks eventually streamlined the entire complex accounting operations. Adding up to Quicken, QB comes with a variety of features like tracking inventory, customized invoices, payroll management, and advanced reporting.

Around 90% of the accounting business market in the states relies on QuickBooks for their financial and payroll management. If you are planning to switch to QuickBooks get quick and instant support by contacting our QuickBooks support phone number.

Quick Comparison

Parameters Quicken QuickBooks
Owned by H.I.G. Capital Intuit Inc.
OS supported Quicken for Mac
Quicken for Windows
QuickBooks for Mac

QuickBooks for Windows

Purpose catered Personal financial management Accounting Operations for Small and Mid-sized businesses
Cloud back-up No Yes
Payroll Management No Yes
Invoice and Tax No Yes


So, what do you think?

Are QuickBooks and Quicken on the same page?

The answer is no.

Both are different in terms of separate operations and serving a variety of different features. Businesses that do not require payroll management can rely on Quicken and the ones looking for extensive features can opt for QuickBooks.

QuickBooks is a viable option for those who are looking to prepare customized invoices including various other features like preparing taxes, payroll management, and manage finances.

If you are using QuickBooks and seeing troubles while using, wait no more and dial our QuickBooks technical support phone number. For those using Quicken, can reach our Quicken customer support for any help with using it.


Thus, reading the above piece it is clear that Quicken and QuickBooks are both have different functioning. So, decide wisely while you choose the one for yourself or your business.

While you do the business management we make sure that you stuck anywhere while growing it. That said, when you select the best accounting software for your business, we offer the best support for your software. Contact our Quicken support phone number or our QuickBooks customer service if you face any hitch.

Are you Ready to Bid Farewell to your QuickBooks Desktop? 1024 844 Quickbookstechies

Are you Ready to Bid Farewell to your QuickBooks Desktop?

Are you Ready to Bid Farewell to your QuickBooks Desktop?

Well, relax!

It is not a big deal to bid goodbye to your software because it is not going to sink as it took it from the title. It is going away from the users but in a way. Every year, QuickBooks startle us with new and improved features to make it sync with today’s business requirements.

As QuickBooks makes its way to the new and enhanced accounting life, it relinquishes the older versions for good. The users are well aware off about the discontinuation of the support services and other add-ons offered by Intuit for the QuickBooks 2014 which covered almost all the versions like Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Accountant, and Mac, etc.


QuickBooks Desktop for both Windows and Mac is not exactly going to discontinue anyways, but access to the add-on services in QuickBooks is going to terminate. This is going to happen after 31st May 2019 and this will be in effect to the QuickBooks Desktop 2016 (including Enterprise, Premier, Accountant Solutions, Pro, and Mac).

You will be a lucky duck if you are using QB 2016 but not already using any of the add-ons. This is because the disco policy is not going to affect your software but just the add-on services. Added to this, there will not be a scope to make you able to subscribe to the policy and enhancement updates and upgrade notification.


Here is a list of all the services that you will lose:

  • QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Services
  • Live Support
  • Online Banking
  • The online Backup and all the services that are offered by the software QuickBooks Desktop 2016.

Below is a list of products affected by the discontinuation policy 2019 for QuickBooks Desktop 2016 products:

  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2019 – 2016 as usual.
  • For QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2019,18, & 17 – QB Premier 2016 for General Business, Manufacturing, Contractors, Wholesalers, Retailers, Professional Services, and Non-Profit.
  • For QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2019 – 2016.
  • The QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 19, 18 and 17 – 2016.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Accountant 19, 18 and 17 – QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2016.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale.

If you wish to use the latest add-on services, it is advisable to upgrade your software to the latest go or you will never be able to experience it.


It is time to upgrade your software to the latest version with all the necessary add-ons that you wish to have. Why wait for May end to complete the update, disco it out and upgrade your software now.

Haunting you with the ugliest truth, it might happen that on the 2nd of June you are unable to run the payroll because QuickBooks doesn’t support it now. Soon you upgrade your system, better you are going to use it and it will benefit you.