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  • April 24, 2019

Best Accounting Software in US for small-business in 2019

Best Accounting Software in US for small-business in 2019

Best Accounting Software in US for small-business in 2019 800 450 Quickbookstechies

When you start a business, it goes without saying; you must stay ahead at your finances.

Regular payments going in and out from the business are not the only area of concern. Forecast cash flows and the detailed financial report is also an important area to be worried about when the taxman knocks your door.

Well, you can relax your head because these troubled the users in the times when there was less or no accounting software. Today, the world is full of accounting software that makes it the easiest to perform your daily accounting tasks. They are specially designed to address today’s business needs. Such software does not require you to be a well-informed accountant but just kept aware of some basic accounting terminologies.

With the advent of cloud-based accounting software, it is easy to carry your transactions anywhere and anytime which are backed-up as well. There are so many features to consider while choosing the best software for your business.


QuickBooks is one such software which is compatible with your device and also gives you the freedom to leverage from a variety of other useful features. It is the best known cloud-based suite for all the growing needs of businesses.

QB has been into existence for a long time but, the latest versions are regularly made available. With versions available for this software, users can leverage from them as per their business needs. If you are planning to buy the online version, wait no more and contact QuickBooks online support to get QuickBooks customer service.

Here are the existing plans and their prices that Intuit offers for QuickBooks.


The Essentials come at $17 per month that has ample features like invoicing, payment handling (2.9% added with 25c as transaction fee), and expense tracking included with VAT calculation and tracking.

It also comes with pension and payroll management with an additional fee of $2 per employee for a month.

Here’s what people say about the software:

I am using QuickBooks Pro 2019 from last 4 years and would love to talk more about the pros.  I never liked doing accounting for my own business. I hired someone but I had to explain A to Z to him; it was a cheap resource but I didn’t want to hire an expensive resource. Then someone recommended me to use this software.

I won’t lie and say it’s not expensive but I would say it is the best software to handle all my accounting tasks. I am happy with the payroll management services that it offers. I can accept online payments and it is user-friendly. It always keeps me from spending tons of money. I put in money once in this software and I would say that I am saved for lives. I have saved 10 times per year more as compared to the years when I was not using it.

The only con about this is the support. I do not rely on their QuickBooks help but take help from the techies. Their QuickBooks customer care number is always available. Overall, I am happy using QuickBooks. 

–          Brandon’s Travel Agency

This review has everything that small-business wants to read about QB. We have got you the best feature of QuickBooks software to simplify your business.


Offering the most engaging user-interface, it is truly the software that the beginners can adore. Intuit has deliberately worked towards making the software, easiest to use.

With our all-time available QuickBooks technical support phone number, we make sure that the users do not face any troubles while using the software. So the next time you need help with QuickBooks, reach us at our QuickBooks customer support number.

Easy upgrade

QuickBooks made it easier to download the latest update. You do not have to go through the long and boring process to get the new update of your accounting software.  It is now a simple way with just two clicks and you have the latest version. You need not sit back and do it all manually rather it is automated and you can also choose to hold the previous version of the software with you which is highly recommended.

After getting started with the new version and all the required links to the data file will be there in your No Company Open-File Window. This is a great improvement from the previous years because this was not available previously. The users can benefit from this improvement and it is surely a big deal.

If you are still wondering where this thing is going, do not forget to contact us at QuickBooks customer support number.