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An Ultimate Guide to Solve 7 Unknown Mistakes in QuickBooks for Windows 2019

An Ultimate Guide to Solve 7 Unknown Mistakes in QuickBooks for Windows 2019 1024 574 Quickbookstechies

Have you been using your QuickBooks software to its fullest?

Well, if you are reading this article you probably know the best about the software and know-how amazing the software is. If you have set it right and using it to its full capabilities, you will definitely be experiencing the best with QuickBooks desktop for Windows 2019.

But, wait.

Some of you might not be able to use the software to its full advantage and the reason could be these 7 unknown mistakes that you are committing. Here’s how to work-out on them:


If you are in the multi-user mode and haven’t created passwords and permissions for other user roles, you are making things complicated for yourself.

By creating more users and giving them the required access, it will be much easier for you to maintain transparency so that you will be able to get through all the happenings in your books. If you do not know how to give control to other users to simplify your books, find our QuickBooks customer support number on our website and we will be happy to help.


If you have not settled your preferences, you might face some glitches in the future that will hamper your working in the QuickBooks software 2019.

There are a few preferences that might be helpful for you while using the books including the reporting options, email templates, financial charges for delayed payments by customers, and default banking accounts to pay bills and receive checks.

It is quite possible to see some bugs bothering you while using the software frequently if you are looking for professionals to deeply address the hitches, contact us at our QuickBooks technical support number and our tech experts will be with you in no time.


Are you updating the Bills correctly with the vendors’ payments?

If you remember paying the vendor but the bills don’t show it up then you are probably using the payment fields in a wrong manner.

Learn how to update payments the right way by reaching our QuickBooks customer support number.


Don’t mess up your Chart of Accounts by creating a separate account for the parent category and another for the subcategory. It isn’t a good sign for your accounts. You must keep your accounts simple by grouping the two together.

Make sure that you don’t enter a lot of information in the parent category but in the lowest level category.


Are you using the Purchase Order System in the right way?

It’s okay to make mistakes. Do not forget to create a Purchase Order when you make an order. When you receive the order, update the system and keep a track of one year of purchases and not previous purchases.


You must be kept ready for the unexpected. What happens when your PC crashes out and clean all your data from the QB software? What would you do?

To escape such troubles, it is important to back-up your QB file at the day end when you are finished working. If you do not much about it you call us at our QuickBooks support phone number.


QuickBooks 2019 can now show you the inactive items that you were not able to see previously due to the messed up transactions altogether.

Before you see all your items column going messed up, figure out the items that you no longer sell and remove them. Make a check on the mentioned items and their amount in the stock. Ensure regular updates of the stock and the amounts.

If you still find any difficulty in any of the above-mentioned know-how, you can speak to our tech ninjas by reaching on our QuickBooks customer service phone number.

Till then, keep working awesome in your QuickBooks and increase your productivity with every dawn.